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leading with compassion always.

If you don’t connect with the person sitting across from you, healing wounds is exceptionally difficult. I have over 13 years experience working with individuals and couples on interpersonal issues, communication, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, mood dysregulation, life transition, identity, grief and conflict.

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deeply passionate about relationship building with clients

You do not have all the answers. Even though you’re “adulting”, and culture and parents and Instagram are telling you that you should. In your 20s, you are trying to figure yourself out, and it is one of the most difficult decades of any human’s experience.

I wish someone would’ve given twenty-year-old Rebecca a talking to, and told her that it’s okay to have anxiety. It’s okay to not know where you fit in the world, and it doesn’t mean you’re useless or that life is meaningless or that there’s no point.

I became a therapist to turn around and give that talking to people in their twenties and thirties (and, let's be honest, forties and fifties--all ages have their challenges!). To help people living those decades wade through the pressure that culture puts on these years. To help you separate yourself from cultural/parental expectations and help you to decide what you want for yourself based on their own desires.

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A little bit more about how I got here? I decided in the 7th grade that I wanted someone to talk to about my parents’ divorce and my godmother’s breast cancer battles. Someone that I wanted to talk to, not who they wanted me to talk to. It sparked my passion. Then I went through my own twenties and thirties, and lucked out that I stuck to it, but found my way. I ended up passionate about psychology, how the mind works, and how circumstances and environments change thought processes and worldviews.

In my teenage years, my family was very close to a gay couple. I watched them go through successful business ownership (although there was certainly a struggle at first), be together as an out gay couple in the early nineties, and then the devastation of watching them lose their lives to HIV/AIDs. I learned the importance of equal rights and inclusivity by standing with them.

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Somewhere along the way, I realized that after doing the whole dating thing for a while that having a child was more important to me than having a life partner, and I started my fertility journey. At age forty three, I became a single mom by choice. My daughter is the center of my universe. 

I spend lots of time with friends and family, working through crossword puzzles (NYTimes is too hard, don’t even ask! And no, I haven’t done the Wordle). I also enjoy creating a sanctuary-like energy in my home and finding new music to listen to. I have a warm and open vibe about me. I swear and use levity where appropriate.

Self-compassion is a concept that’s important to the therapeutic process and I speak about it frequently. I use aspects of CBT and client-centered approaches. Self-compassion is a concept that’s important to the therapeutic process and I speak about it frequently.

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there's a lot happening in our world these days. you don't have to navigate it all alone.

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